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Are you looking for ways to create your happiest life?

7 Doors to Happiness is designed to help you access your inner awareness, joy, and strengths with knowledge from world-class experts including Dr. Kristen Neff, Tal Ben-Shahar, and Dr. Carol Dweck. Dive in and surpass your own limitations.

World-class experts

New habits to support through thriving

Science-based strategies

Deep awareness of yourself

Learn About Each Lesson

Each Door introduces you to proven happiness tools to help you connect with your core. Catch a glimpse on each lesson below.



What is Happiness?

You'll learn about short term and long-term happiness, how your brain can actually change, and the power of gratitude.


Obstacles to Happiness

Learn how to be calm through chaos. It’s inevitable that challenges come up – how you handle them is up to you. Learn how to draw from your own defining moments.



Have you ever wondered why you get stressed or even stuck in one way of thinking? If knowledge is power, then self-knowledge is a game changer. Learn a powerful ways to reframe your mindset.



If you ever feel that you are hijacked by your emotions, there are strategies that work! Instead of feeling frustration, discover how you can play to your strengths.


Compassion in Action

If you are a giver with a capital G, you know the effects of putting yourself last. Discover how self-compassion, compassion for others, and the power of forgiveness can empower your life.



We all depend on each other. From relationships with people to relationships with the environment, delve into ways to live life as a win-win where everyone benefits.


Share Your Gift

This Door taps into your unique gift and the difference it can make to those around you. Emotions are contagious, and your gift will touch others’ lives more than you know. Amplify your presence.

What people are saying

"You gave a lot information to think about. I am definitely not the same person any more and I want continue to discover my new path."

"This course should be mentioned constantly on Facebook telling how much it helps the individual!"

"7 Doors to Happiness was a wonderful opportunity for my students to learn about happiness from several different vantage points, and apply happiness research findings to their own lives. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, and I plan to offer this option again."

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