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Human Cells Respond in Healthy Ways With Certain Kinds of Happiness


Human bodies recognize at the molecular level that not all happiness is created equal, responding in ways that can help or hinder physical health, according to new research led by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The sense of well-being derived from “a noble purpose” may provide cellular health benefits, whereas “simple self-gratification” may have negative effects, despite an overall perceived sense … Continue reading

The Alphabet of Happiness: The Letter ‘H’


Even throughout the busy pace of everyday life, happiness is always close at hand. Rather than pursuing it, consider focusing in one place… inside. The good news is that by placing our attention on inner happiness, we train our brain to experience more of it. This week, let’s explore the letter “H” – Hope, Honesty and Health. Continue reading

Activities to Build Social and Emotional Skills in Elementary Students


Anyone who works with young children knows that they live in the moment. When they are happy, all they know is that they’re happy RIGHT NOW. So how do you teach the difference between short-term and long-term happiness to someone who lives in the moment? Beyond grasping the concept of long-term happiness, how do you teach the value of long-term happiness? Continue reading

The Alphabet of Happiness – The Letter ‘F’


Happiness has many entry points. Some are simple, like appreciation, and others, like forgiveness are more complex. By exploring different facets of happiness, you blast open your capacity for greater joy. Even when facing challenging times, you will discover your portals to inner happiness. Today, let’s look at the letter “F” covering fun, focus and forgiveness. Continue reading

The Best Kept Secret to Happiness: Compassion


Marketing executives want us to believe that happiness lies in a product that will taste delicious, magically fill our bank accounts, or transform us into a supermodel that looks not a day past 20. Our social norms promise that happiness will lie in status, accomplishments, relationships, and possessions. We are always on the lookout for the next thing: once we have the perfect mate, we look for the perfect home; once we’ve found the perfect home, we look for a … Continue reading

The Alphabet of Happiness: ‘C’


Originally published in the Huffington Post – February 20, 2013 The Alphabet of Happiness is a reminder of the many ways to access happiness in your life now. Though at times it may appear to be elusive, happiness is all around you — especially if you know where to look! The good news is that the more you focus on happiness, the faster you can activate the neural pathways that bring you more. Here are three ways to explore your … Continue reading

Authentic Happiness: 3 Simple Steps to Find the Courage to Be Yourself


Originally Posted on the Huffington Post We all have flashes of inspiration. Sometimes they appear as quiet whispers in the night, as fleeting thoughts in the morning shower or as huge “a-ha!” moments. The question is: Are you giving enough attention to the clues that your inner voice is sending? How can you get more attuned to the inner directives? Here are three ways to get started. 1) Knowledge Is Power Socrates said it best: “Know Thyself.” This includes understanding … Continue reading



Last year, students at the University of Southern California piloted a new program from Project Happiness called 7 Doors to Happiness. The program was created as a resource for adults to access their own happiness and to share it with others. One of the USC students, Mecca Moore, blogged about her experience with the 7 Doors to Happiness and asked if she could share it on our site. This year, this online course is once again being used at the … Continue reading

Big Bird and the Halloween Challenge

Photo copyright Sesame Workshop

Originally published on The Huffington Post Halloween is coming. It’s a time for costumes, masks and trying out new personas. Here’s a challenge. In our everyday lives, we all wear masks to some extent or another — we all play some type of role to ease the way. What if you considered taking off the mask, and having the courage to live as your authentic self? Sometimes, it’s hard to even keep track of the masks we wear — they … Continue reading

7 Doors: One Student’s Journey to Happiness – Door Two


Last year, students at the University of Southern California piloted a new program from Project Happiness called 7 Doors to Happiness. The program was created as a resource for adults to access their own happiness and to share it with others. One of the USC students, Mecca Moore, blogged about her experience with the 7 Doors to Happiness and asked if she could share it on our site. This year, this online course is once again being used at the … Continue reading

What Makes You Happy? Students from Berkeley Answer This Question Through Film


I had the wonderful opportunity to judge some great student films from Dacher Keltner’s Course on Human Happiness at Berkeley. Here’s a blogpost about it from Jason Marsh, Editor in Chief, Greater Good Magazine, who put it all together. Check out the films – they will make you smile…RT What makes you happy? That was the question more than 400 UC Berkeley students had to consider before they completed Psychology 162 this past spring. This was no ordinary assignment, and … Continue reading

Randy Taran Featured on Microsoft’s Daily Edventures with Anthony Salcito


This week, Project Happiness founder Randy Taran sat down with Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector Education to discuss her work with Project Happiness. The video is part of Anthony’s Daily Edventures, a 365-day look at heroes in education. To learn more about Microsoft’s Daily Edventures, visit www.DailyEdventures.com

Native Cry Outreach


Earlier this year, I learned that my grandmother had been keeping a family secret. Her mother, my great-grandmother, was full Cherokee but she and my great-grandfather had hidden this fact to better fit into the world that they lived in at the time. This information fascinated me, not so much because I felt a burning connection to the Cherokee Nation, but because I was curious how being identified as non-white could have such a stigma attached to it. I have … Continue reading

What Do We Do in the Face of Senseless Tragedy?


Last week, in Aurora, Colorado, we witnessed one of the largest tragedies of its kind in U.S. History. 12 people died and 57 were injured, and it leaves us wondering, WHY? What propels an individual to be so tortured to resort to mass murder of innocent people in a public place? And how do we cope with the aftermath – the sorrow, the trauma and the sense that you never know… In an odd replay of fiction come to life, … Continue reading

Happiness is Spreading in Bulgaria


I love Bulgaria! Life happens in curious ways. I never dreamed that I would be visiting Bulgaria, but this weekend, I had the great pleasure of presenting a happiness speech and workshop in the capital city of Sofia. “Days of Happiness” is the first project of its kind in Eastern Europe. Organized by the Credo Bonum Foundation, it brought in speakers from around the world to address the issue of happiness. Why? In April, 2012 a UN Report declared Bulgaria … Continue reading

How to Find Happiness


We need to suitably define this thing we call happiness. Too many people are chasing this elusive concept that, in my opinion, they don’t understand. They think happiness is a tangible thing you achieve once you clear away a certain roadblock: “If I just had a boyfriend, if I just made more money, if I just had a bigger house….” So let’s clear up this myth. Happiness is not a concrete thing. It’s not about what we attain materialistically, what … Continue reading

A Happy World Begins With a Happy YOU


From the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/randy-taran/world-happiness-report_b_1449440.html My son just reminded me that it was Earth Day. This sparked a discussion of what can one person do to make a change? We talked about Al Gore, how recycling has grown and new ideas that could really shift our perspective. For me, the most exciting idea to affect the planet this year has come from a tiny country in the Himalayas, called Bhutan. Their Prime Minister has been waging a campaign to measure … Continue reading

Happiness According to Yauch – The Project Happiness Interview with Adam Yauch

Picture 084

Adam Yauch, aka MCA, is one of the founding members of the hip hop trio, the Beastie Boys. Inspired by his own extensive travels as well as the his interactions with the Dalai Lama, Adam became publicly passionate about the situation in Tibet and created “The Milarepa Fund” to help promote awareness and generate support around the world. He organized the first “Tibetan Freedom Concert” in San Francisco in 1996, which he followed with years of a similar series in … Continue reading

3 Keys to Lasting Happiness


From the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/randy-taran/the-key-to-happiness_b_1004566.html If you had to choose three keys to lasting happiness, what would they be? For me, those keys are gratitude, connecting with others and giving. It is not rocket science, although science has proven how these habits can make you live longer, enjoy better health and get more joy out of life. Gratitude: A simple practice of writing down or otherwise reflecting on a few things you are grateful for has huge benefits. Psychologists Robert … Continue reading

Graduation: 10 Tips To Achieving The Life You Want


I’m just returning from my son’s graduation — a milestone filled with laughter, elation, and tears of joy. But what is the next step? So many graduates haven’t a clue. Herein lies the opportunity. My son is graduating as a double major in Economics and Asian Studies — he’s lived in India and China, but does he want to do something related to that? Not right now. He wants to get his Screen Actors Guild card and act. As parents, … Continue reading

How to be Happy: The Magical Lego of Happiness


When our sons were younger, they would often sprawl on the floor for hours playing Legos. In the huge bucket that sat between the two of them, there were thousands of Legos of every shape, color, and size imaginable. One day, when the boys were about 4 and 6, I peeked into their room to see my younger son working away happily, improvising a whimsical structure. Reaching into the bucket, he grabbed one tiny plastic brick after another, enjoying his … Continue reading

The Advantages of Adversity

Lance Armstrong survived cancer and went on to win the Tour de France seven consecutive times.

Adversity is critical to growth and happiness for so many reasons. First, adversity provides variety in life. See, from a broader perspective, there really is no bad weather. There may be lots of clouds one day or no clouds at all, the sky may be gray or it may be a brilliant blue, the sun may be shining or it may be raining. But there are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, good things and bad things about all kinds … Continue reading

Happiness is everywhere!

Project Happiness is everywhere BECAUSE happiness itself is everywhere. I went to the grocery store the other day to buy food and supplies- you know, the weekly stock up. Nothing exciting. Tissues were on my list. Buying tissues isn’t normally a noteworthy experience; it’s just part of the routine that goes along with perpetually bad allergies. This time was different. I went to the tissue aisle to grab whichever box had the most pink on it (my usual strategy), but … Continue reading

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