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5 Reasons to Increase Your Play – Some Serious Reasons to Have More Fun!

Just Play

The ability to laugh and let go, to inhabit the present, and to be immersed in mirth and lightness of being – can be an ultimate act of love and belongingness. When we can laugh and joke, we are remembering our joint humanity, our mutual desire for happiness and love, and our fundamental interconnectedness. Continue reading

Congressman Tim Ryan Introduces the Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning Act


Congressman Tim Ryan has been a force for the support of mindfulness in our military and schools and now he is expanding that support with the Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning Act. The act, co-sponsored by Congressman Dave Loebsack, Congressman Tom Petri and Congressman Matt Cartwright, amends the Elementary Education and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to allow funding for teacher and principal training and professional development to be used for social and emotional learning programming. “I have already seen what … Continue reading

The Good News About Stress and 5 Ways to Cope

Originally published in the Huffington Post – April 16, 2013 “If you’re not stressed, you’re not working hard enough.” More and more this mantra seems to be woven into our cultural dialogue. Stress may be considered the new “normal,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple shifts in attitude and practices can yield big benefits. April is National Stress Awareness Month, which gives us the opportunity to look at both negative trends and some signs of hope. Here’s … Continue reading

Reacting vs. Responding


From Taoist traditions to the Christianity, much is written about Reacting vs. Responding. From international leaders to children in preschool, all of us when faced with a stimulus or situation, either react or respond. How does this affect us? Is one better? Can we control which we choose to use? Generally speaking, a response is is a considered answer to our present situation, whereas a reaction is an instinctive, often not thought out expression of our emotions in that moment. … Continue reading

unexpected ways!


may we often find our true self lingering in unexpected ways! may we be swept away by a whirlwind of love! rest the doings of the doer, and just be like a beer! -shh

What’s Life Like?


So you ask me: what’s life like after death? And I wonder: what’s life like before! So little I see: in ignorance I live! _shh

The Reluctant Dad

The Reluctant Dad October 19, 2004   Until I was almost thirty, I felt that my childhood wasn’t complete. Missed all those ball games that I never played for fear of losing. Loved solo sports… even at 40, I can bet you a penny that I will lose a ballgame if I play it with you!   So… when my wife, Seema, said it was about time to have kids — that her BClock was ticking — I said, wait … Continue reading

spread this germ…


let’s go, spread this germ of joy: an infectious symbiotic bacterium.   sticks stronger than vicious viruses, spread faster than frantic flu.   mercifully puts an end to war, to terror, to hatred…   let’s go, spread this gem of joy!   -shh

a bed of roses!


i knew it, i knew it   that life is a bed of roses!   so long i denied the thorns on that bed…   no more! for now i know:   life truly is a bed of roses!   -shh



let’s be present for our presence is the best present we can present to all around us in deep silence!   -shh       Picture by Leah Pearlman of

this quiet little inner child


this quiet little inner child has gone totally wild. dancing in wild abandon in ecstatic delight chaotically thrashing like a Sufi gone mad! slowly simmering into a lyrical tandem… to join you and me into this trance we call love. _shh

mystery in the moment!


come rain or shine the universe reminds us that each moment is precious, each place we occupy is filled with mystery, each being we care for is a door to love and joy! do you feel the love, the mystery in this moment? are you filled with gratitude? then please share, forward and backward, to everyone you meet, real or virtual! hugs, shh

serene flow


welcome that serene flow that serene flow of life where needs and wants disappear and all we have is delight.   that serene glow of delight that glow full of life that glow of being alive!   _shh  

the search


the day i stopped searching for some place special for something special for someone special… every place i went to everyone around me everything around me turned out to be really special! perhaps i have been sent in this magical moment to remind you to see everything and everyone all around you and me in some special way -shh  

Forgiveness: Making Space for More Happiness

From the Huffington Post: Have you ever tried to be happy, yet something just irked you under the surface — a feeling that you had not been seen, appreciated, loved? Or even worse, a feeling of betrayal, total loss of trust or even violation? What can be done? The way out is forgiveness. Let’s make something clear from the get go. It’s not about saying that what happened to hurt you was OK — it was not. It’s about … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day — Really?

From the Huffington Post: Valentine’s Day: What does it represent to you? Is it a reminder of the passions of new romance or the love that you are longing for in your life? Is it a commercial orchestration fabricated by the greeting card, flower and chocolate industries to make us buy more? Here’s the real question: Can Valentine’s Day remind us of the enormous capacity for love that we already carry within? From the day we are born, not … Continue reading

How can you find happiness in times like these?

I have spent a ton of time lately thinking about how to find happiness in times like these. I think about all the different situations that surround so many people in my life. So how can you find happiness when: you’ve lost your job, you’ve lost your house, your child is dying, your child has an incurable condition, you have cancer, your parent just died of cancer, or you are getting divorced? Those are just some examples. How can you … Continue reading

Holiday Happiness — Be Here Now

From the Huffington Post: So many people grumble and gripe about the holidays — too much family, too much food, too many obligations. But what if you approached it all with another perspective — as though this might be your last time to be together. Would you overlook some of the annoyances? Would you focus on what amused you about specific people instead of what drove you crazy? Would you choose to make the moments special and have a … Continue reading

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