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Mother’s Day: Lessons From a Very Difficult Year

Originally published in the Huffington Post – May 9, 2013 As Mother’s Day comes around again, I am struck with what has changed for my mother from this year to last. Last year, my father was still alive, albeit struggling with escalating health issues. It got to the point that my mom, in her caregiver role, was rushing him to the hospital every two weeks. Being a caregiver is not easy: She slept with one eye open, listening for any … Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Day!


“If there’s one thing we cannot say enough to our nation’s educators, it is THANK YOU.” – President Barack Obama Today, May 7, 2013, is Teacher Appreciation Day. At Project Happiness, we are so grateful to all of the teachers that work with Project Happiness! They are the backbone of all of our programs and they teach us so much about how we can improve the work that we do. Without our teachers, it would not be possible to have … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: Gratitude for Even the Hard Stuff

Originally published on The Huffington Post – November 18, 2012 As Thanksgiving rolls around, it always puts me in a reset mode — time to remember what I’m grateful for. Usually, it’s the good stuff: moments of joy, new adventures, fun-filled moments. This year, however, is different: My father just passed away, my dog may have to be put to sleep any day and my dear friend who is a LOT younger finds herself in the last stages of cancer… … Continue reading

Happy International Happiness Day!

2012 International Happiness Day Logo

Here at Project Happiness, every day is Happiness Day but today is special. For months, Project Happiness has partnered with Club de la Felicidad as the official organizers of this year’s International Happiness Day. Our two groups have partnered with individuals and organizations throughout the world to come together in a celebration of happiness. Personally, all of us here at Project Happiness owe a huge debt of gratitude to AG Ruiz of Club de la Felicidad in Mexico. He created … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day — Really?

From the Huffington Post: Valentine’s Day: What does it represent to you? Is it a reminder of the passions of new romance or the love that you are longing for in your life? Is it a commercial orchestration fabricated by the greeting card, flower and chocolate industries to make us buy more? Here’s the real question: Can Valentine’s Day remind us of the enormous capacity for love that we already carry within? From the day we are born, not … Continue reading

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